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Bath Bombs by Vital You

Bath Bombs by Vital You

Introducing Hemp Bath bomb by Vital You. These artisans have crafted bath bombs are handcrafted and infused with herbal medicine, botanicals, and love. Each bath bomb has its own intention & personality, incorporating a potent blend of hand-picked herbs, gemstones, flower essences & essential oils, blended with individually-weighed Hemp extract isolate to work synergistically in the body to offer you the deepest healing experience possible.


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    We hope this HEMP EXTRACT bath bomb acts as a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. With vibrant, local calendula petals floating atop bright-prink water, and citrusy & sweet essential oils we hope you never stop smiling during this soak. Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg local, hemp-derived isolate


    With a potent blend of cooling essential oils including balsam fir, wintergreen, eucalyptus, this lively HEMP EXTRACT bath bomb will offer a burst of invigoration and opening to the sinuses. Created to open passageways when allergies, cold/flu season, or just overall lethargy and ‘heaviness’ bog you down. Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg local, hemp-derived isolate


    Catch some sweet, restful zzz’s with our most tranquil HEMP EXTRACT bath bomb: SLEEP. Our herbalists spent months formulating this bath bomb, and carefully selected precise herbal blends and essential oils to ensure your bath invites the deepest relaxation and most restful sleep possible. Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg local, hemp-derived isolate.


    The DEEP bath bomb is one of our customers' favorites for ACHES AND PAINS. This bath bomb is made with a blend of 9 cooling & soothing essential oils including arnica oil.  When you put DEEP into your bath, it is our hope that you finish your soak with fewer aches than when you started. Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg local, hemp-derived  isolate.BALANCE BATH BOMB

    The St. John’s Wort used in this CBD Bath Bomb grew locally in North Boulder, Colorado. I harvested it myself! When growing and harvested, St.John's Wort is a lovely mustard-yellow color. When extracted, it turns a vibrant, blood-red hue. Each Bath Bomb contains 70mg local, hemp-derived isolate.


    Our SURRENDER CBD bath bomb is the go-to after a long day/week/year…. It’s intention is to help you unwind & relax. The infusion of 70mg CBD combined with relaxing essential oils can help bring a bit of ease and letting-go. Allow the flower essences, blue hydrangea & clear quartz to wash away stress and release the mind.


    Created by our founder, this bath bomb is intended for women experiencing chronic pelvic issues. Our first 200mg CBD Bath bomb, Warrior contains a potent infusion of witch hazel with herbs that may aid in discomfort, spasms, and cramping. Each Bath Bomb contains 200mg local, hemp-derived isolate.


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