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Avoid Muscle Aches with CBD-Infused Muscle Rub

Roll On

Are you suffering from pain on a regular basis? Whether it is back pain, arthritis, or other aches and pains, you can benefit from CBD-infused muscle rub. At Pure Therapy, we offer a variety of products, including a salve that you can roll onto your muscles.


Consider how you deal with aches and pains now. You may use a pain gel that is infused with various oils. The gel can work temporarily but when it wears off, you’re in pain again.


CBD oil can work wonders, but it’s important that it’s infused into a salve or lotion so that the oils aren’t used directly on the skin. Depending on the strength of some essential oils, it can actually burn the skin, so you will want to exercise caution when you decide to give your muscles a bit of help. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm than good.


Our Pure Salve features a hemp oil that is rich in CBD. It’s also blended with essential oils that help to soothe your aching muscles. It allows you to feel relief for extended periods of time because of the CBD’s ability to get absorbed deep into the muscles.


Once you have the CBD oils, you can create a roll on so that it’s easy to apply the oils to the skin. You can use the roll on quickly and effectively throughout the day when you experience various aches and pains. The smell is neutral, allowing you to go undetected so that no one knows that you’re using any kind of rub or cream.

A muscle rub can be used as often as needed without having to worry about an overdose. The reason is two-fold. CBD is not something that you can overdose on and it is a topical application. Of course, we’re here to answer any questions that you might have about CBD as well as the products that we offer.

The CBD oil that is in the pain gel or another salve that you buy absorbs through the top layer of the skin so that it can start working immediately. This is when it’s better to use a topical application as opposed to using an edible where you will have to wait for digestion and absorption.


At Pure Therapy, we offer the relief that you need regardless of why you’re dealing with aches and pains. It can be the way to overcome pain once and for all so that you can start living your life the way that you used to before pain started taking over. Shop our products now or contact us to learn which products we recommend for the aches and pains that you’re dealing with.

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