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5 ways to choose the right CBD provider

This is Dr. Jada, your board certified Pain and hemp specialist. I am here to give you 5 tips on how to choose the right CBD products for you.

  1. Understand the people behind the brand. When choosing which brand is right for you, you want to make sure that you look at a brand that is purposeful in partnering with the right hemp farms that follows organic practices. This translates into better quality products. It is very important that you choose products that are free of pesticides because after all, the cannabis is a weed that absorbs most of its soil contents. If there are contaminants in the soil it will be in the products. Therefore, it’s important to choose a company that pairs with companies that raise the hemp plants on fertile contaminant free soil and use pesticides that are natural like other herbs and believe it or not Lady Bugs.

2. Ensure that the company is about to provide a COA or certificates of authenticity. This actually is the genetic imprint of the oil extracted from the plant. It will allow you to ensure that you are getting Cannabinoids in your products at a certain amount and not just hemp oil. You can also make sure that there is no fungus present and it’s free of pesticides.

3. Making sure that the products are producers and manufacturer follows Good manufacturing practices or an FDA certified facility. The FDA is currently coming up with standards for the CBD industry. It take additional time and efforts to comply with these standards but it helps you as the customer to be able to differentiate retailers that care enough in their clients and their product to take the additional steps to obtain certifications to keep people safe.

4. Read the reviews from other customers. The best way to tell that a products is effective and safe is to read what other customers have to say about the products. Jus because a company is starting out and may not have thousands of reviews doesn’t mean that it’s not a great products. Read the small number of reviews that they may have, and if the reviews are consistent then I believe the products is worth a try. Buying quality CBD is an investment and you May start with a small amount and see how things go before making a bigger purchase. Also, sometimes you have to try multiple brands to see which products is right for you. Every batch of oil is only as good as the hemp plant that it is extracted from. Because people source from different farms then it’s worth trying a different brand for at least 4-6 weeks to find the right brand for you.

5. Lastly, always consult with your medical provider prior to starting any new products. If you have been told that you can’t take grapefruit then CBD may not before you because of the potential interactions with your system that breakdowns medications in your system. I started my company because I saw a lack of education on the retailers side as it relates to CBD from a medical perspective. There a lot of companies out there but not everyone knows the power of the cannabinoids with an understanding of the science behind it. At Pure Therapy, we are about to give you the best of both worlds. All of our hemp specialist have been trained by myself to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision on the CBD products right for you. We have a wide variety of products that help to target sleep, anxiety, joint pain and more. To learn more, please visit us at

Again, it was a pleasure writing this article for you and we sincerely hope that it can provide you with more clarity in your journey to optimal health and wellness.


Dr. Jada

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