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How to Combat Cabin Fever

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Whether you live alone or with your family, staying inside during the pandemic can be rough for everyone. It is especially difficult because social distancing has limited most of our social gatherings or human interactions both big and small. Even our lone rangers are feeling the effects of isolations that comes with the shelter in place. This post will provide a couple of tips to combat loneliness in any situation.

Do Activities That You Enjoy

As we get busy with day to day life, we often put certain hobbies aside because our day has been consumed with work and family like. During this downtime, it may be helpful to pick up a hobby that you once enjoyed. You would be surprised how many endorphins are released and stress levels decrease by taking the time to read a book, knitting a blanket or dancing to a little music. Loneliness is a feeling that can be quite overwhelming. If you bring more joy to your day purposefully, then there will be less room for loneliness. Even though social interactions with family and friends are important, you can also find joy in following some passions that you once left behind.

Reach Out To Family and Friends

I hope that through this crisis, we have learned how important it is to interact with your family and friends. You may find that bonds between even neighbors have strengthened because we have had to rely on each other in a very unique and different way. We must remember that our older friends more tender love and care. Our elderly friends and family are at increased risk of contracting the virus. We can help them stay safe by providing them with a helpful hand. Helping others allows you to get joy from helping someone else.

As a society with have gotten so used to social media, that we have lost the value of connection with one another. We can use avenues like Zoom or Facetime to reach out to one another and have a chat about our day or even exercise together.

Expressing Gratitude

Journaling is another great way to release feelings. Often times, our minds get idle and fill with racing thoughts that make use more depressed and lonely. It is very important that you take the time to refocus your mind on more positive reflections. Writing down your thoughts can allow you to get certain emotions out to make room for more positive thoughts. You can also take time to re-read your journal and see how far along you have come emotionally. Each day, also take time to write statements of gratitude for those things that you can

be thankful for.

Work On Positive Self-Talk 

For people that suffer from anxiety, COVID 19 pandemic has probably not been made your anxiety any easier to deal with. Anxiety often comes with overwhelming thoughts isolations and feel of the unknown. One tool that may be beneficial with the feeling your mind with a positive reoccurring thought when the negative thought enters your mind. Try writing down positive affirmations on a sticky note and say them every day you wake. If you keep repeating positive affirmations then eventually you will start to believe them.

How are you combating cabin fever? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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